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How will your Community Hospital stay connected?

As a community hospital, you represent a critical component of the nation’s healthcare system. However, distributed workflow, poor Internet bandwidth, and chronically low reimbursement represent a subset of the unique challenges you face in delivering healthcare. Whether you employ in-house radiologists, an external radiology group, or some combination, it is critical that your PACS supports your preferred reading workflow.

If your PACS doesn’t support your workflow, it’s time to simplify.

Community hospitals need a solution that cohesively connects their radiology department to radiologists and ordering physicians—regardless of location—without the common maintenance pitfalls that add stress to overloaded IT staff. Our zero-impact installation means that physicians can easily view images and reports via hyperlink without having to install software.

Open and close the loop with ordering physicians

Your radiology workflow begins and ends with the ordering physician. Processing orders and communicating results to ordering physicians is a critical element of the radiology workflow and the overall electronic health record. interWORKS easily accepts radiology orders from your enterprise EHR to minimize impact on your scheduling workflow.

Once the radiologist signs the interpretation, interWORKS can send the interpretation along with a browser-agnostic hyperlink to view study images from your HIS/EHR. This empowers ordering physicians to access the radiology images and reports without leaving the HIS/EHR.

Low maintenance

Failure to properly plan for and support system administration can result in frustrated radiologists, slow report turnaround time, extensive downtime, excessive IT man-hours, and data loss. From the moment you select interWORKS, our team plans and executes your implementation and acts as a partner to support you through the process. As a result of our single application, single database design, there is minimal maintenance and updates are a simple process with limited downtime. If you ever need assistance, you can call or email our award-winning customer support team for a quick response.

Connecting without the cost

Many community hospitals have taken the mantra "Do less with more" to an art form.

It’s time for you to do more with more.

We right-size your system design to support the future growth of your community hospital while offering competitive pricing to fit within today’s budget. More importantly, we don’t nickle and dime our customers with extra fees and add-ons.

Learn how others are succeeding

Many Community Hospitals do not have the luxury of extensive IT departments, which can make the task of implementing and maintaining a PACS system daunting. In addition, community hospitals also need a PACS that will provide modern, features in and outside of their hospital.

Learn how Ringgold County Hospital addressed these challenges.

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