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How will your Orthopedic group stay on course?

When you are trying to support your staff and orthopedic surgeons, you need a tool that can meet everyone's needs. Our solution streamlines your orthopedic imaging workflow in the office, operating room, and wherever your practice takes you. Since we do not rely on any third-party applications, such as Java or ActiveX, you can access your imaging information from any workstation, laptop, or mobile device.

Our simple, yet powerful viewer automatically displays images according to each orthopedic surgeon’s preferences. In addition, mobile reference tools provide powerful visual illustrations when discussing treatment plans with patients.

Understanding the big picture

Most PACS systems are designed from the point of view and workflow needs of a radiologist who generally sits in a quiet room and rapidly interprets a batch of studies. These systems don’t quite accommodate the unique workflow needs of orthopedics.

interWORKS is different

From your office to the operating room, we provide a seamlessly integrated workflow, no matter where your facilities or orthopedic surgeons are located. Patient-centric lists and support for specialty reading workflow help keep your practice on track.

The right tool for the job

As an orthopedic surgeon, you know the importance of selecting the right tool for the job. interWORKS is that tool for imaging. It provides a large collection of measurement and annotation tools, flexible single or multi-monitor workflow, case notes documentation via digital dictation or quick pick templates, and fast access to orthopedic templating via OrthoView planning software.

To close the loop, we can also integrate with your EMR to receive imaging orders and provide access to study images. Your technologists benefit from managing their schedule and patient arrival within a single application.

You CAN take it with you

Portability is a key component of our design. Our zero-impact application is delivered via web link from standard web browsers, such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, or Firefox, without formal installation. More importantly, this innovative delivery empowers surgeons to access study images from any location.

You can also easily export DICOM images to CD or DVD for viewing, or import DICOM files from other systems for more complete relevant priors and launch them in our Viewer. You can also strip identifying information from studies to create teaching files that you can use for future reference, or when presenting at a conference.

Budgeting for your business

Our secure interWORKS imaging platform meets all of your business needs and can be tailored to fit your budget. Because our system runs on an application server and we do not install our software or any third-party utilities on your workstations, there is very little maintenance. Our intuitive design and consistent interface mean minimal training. And we back our product with award-winning, US-based customer support.

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