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How can we assist you with interWORKS Mobile?

interWORKS Mobile is your answer to accessing referential radiology images anytime, anywhere. In a matter of minutes, you can connect to an interWORKS server from your iPad and iPhone. It’s just that easy to have your patients’ diagnostic reports and images at your fingertips.

Key Features for interWORKS Mobile

interWORKS Mobile for iOS offers:

  • Intuitive search
  • Real-time access to images and signed reports
  • Ability to choose which series to view
  • Ability to select different layouts
  • Pinch-zoom capability

System Requirements for interWORKS Mobile

To access study images and reports with interWORKS Mobile for iOS, you need:

  • Access to interWORKS server
  • interWORKS user name and password provided by an affiliated healthcare organization. Due to the nature of the healthcare information available in interWORKS Mobile, you will not be able to create a new user account within the app.
  • SSL
  • iPad or iPhone
  • This app is for review purposes only. It is not intended to be used as a diagnostic viewer.

interWORKS Mobile Support

If you are an authorized representative from an Avreo customer, please visit Avreo Support to get assistance.

For ordering physicians and others who have specific questions about image access, please contact the affiliated healthcare organization who provides this access.