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If your business is at a crossroads
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How can your Urgent Care Group simplify without sacrificing quality?

We know your practice provides exceptional care to patients looking for convenient and immediate access to services. But to do that, your staff needs to be able to move quickly and competently through each task in various workflows.

interWORKS takes the complexity out of your radiology workflow.

Our easy-to-use interface, universal worklist, and robust annotation and imaging tools give you the means to do this. Using our WAN optimized solution, you can share patient information rapidly and securely regardless of location.

Portable simplicity

When it comes to critical situations, time is of the essence. The need for a solution that can accommodate your hectic workload and pick up and go anywhere your day leads is key. interWORKS provides a highly portable solution allowing for access from any point in your organization while providing an ease of use as you glide from one room to the next.

Minimizing maintenance

When choosing an imaging solution, it is critical to consider the requirements needed to install, maintain, train, and upgrade this solution over time.

Our foundational design minimizes these requirements, which saves you money and time.

interWORKS deploys from a central server using a standard web browser, which eliminates the need to upgrade individual workstations. It doesn't require any third party utilities, such as Java or ActiveX, that you must keep synchronized throughout your environment. Our intuitive software design eliminates intensive training requirements and enables most healthcare professionals to effectively use the system after a single training session.

Solutions within your budget

We put a great deal of thought into providing the best system at a reasonable cost. Our design eliminates unnecessary hardware and avoids relying on third-party applications to deliver our solution. You have digital access to orders, DICOM images, reports, JPEGs, scanned documents--everything you need to move efficiently from registration through billing for services. This design also allows us to easily update the application server, when needed, so all of your employees immediately have access to the latest version of our software.

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