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When you're faced with a maze of solutions
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Is it time for your Multi-Specialty Group to simplify its complex workflows?

Your multi-specialty group brings together a broad range of healthcare disciplines to support the best interests of your patients. Now it's time to have someone look out for your best interests.

Has the task of connecting different systems to support your practice left you feeling frustrated?

With our innovative interWORKS PACS+ solution, you can easily manage all of your internal and external reading workflows. Our user-friendly interface provides a consistent view of scheduling details, orders, images, and reports. And because the view is logical and intuitive, you can easily train new staff members as your practice grows. Referring physicians and patients have access to study images and final reports from a web portal, which makes it easy for you to share relevant information securely.

Is your business growing faster than your PACS?

Forget trying to navigate short term solutions for a long term problem.

The answer is a robust, scalable system that you can quickly configure. Adding a new facility? Our system offers WAN optimized, web-based image and reporting access, so location is not an issue. Contract with a new reading group? No problem. You can easily expand your reading capabilities without having to change reading environments.

How many separate systems do you need?

If the answer is higher than one, it's time to simplify your approach.

From checking in a patient to sharing results, we streamline your workflow. Technologists receive worklist notification when a patient is available for an exam. Once the imaging process is complete, our multi-browser support makes internal or remote reading from our universal worklist effortless. When the study has been finalized, ordering physicians can get direct access to reports and hyperlink access to images from the EMR.

How much does peace of mind cost?

Not as much as you might think.

Our cost-effective licensing combined with low system maintenance and easy updates are qualities that set us apart. Add in our personalized customer service and you have the tools you need to guarantee a successful RIS/PACS implementation.

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