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How will your Radiology Group stay on the road to success?

Regulatory requirements, ongoing reimbursement changes, and general uncertainty continue to drive major transformations in radiology. Radiology groups adjust by expanding their virtual reading services to satisfy a broad range of healthcare organizations.

In this atmosphere, PACS must excel in distributed reading environments while empowering radiology groups to provide rapid response reporting and outstanding service to their clients.

With the WAN optimized connectivity of Avreo interWORKS, your radiology group can read at the pace of your practice in a secure and efficient manner, whether your group and clients are centrally located or geographically diverse. This, combined with low upfront costs and fee-per-study pricing, controls your costs while encouraging the growth of your business.

Design for growth

Effective radiology groups must remain nimble and ready to respond with a menu of services to satisfy the changing needs of their imaging customers.

Can your imaging partner keep pace with your growth?

interWORKS grows along with your virtual reading practice to easily incorporate your new healthcare reading contracts into your existing workflow. With options for cloud servers and levels of integration with your imaging customers, our solution lets you focus on what you do best—providing quality radiology interpretations for your customers and their patients.

Streamline work life with universal worklists

How many separate systems do your radiologists need to monitor to do their job?

If the answer is higher than one, it's time to simplify your approach.

With interWORKS and universal worklists, you can effectively manage internal and external reading workflow within one worklist system to increase efficiency and reduce turnaround time. Subspecialty and location-based reading tracks and relevant prior comparisons offer value and a competitive edge to your imaging customers.

Improve your quality of life

In addition to streamlining workflows and improving turnaround times, we provide features that make complex tasks easier to perform. Innovative Queue for Viewing technology automatically loads the next study from a radiologist-selected batch to eliminate the need to return to the worklist. Configurable layout preferences automatically arrange study images within the viewer, making the reading process more efficient.

Make short work of interpretations using embedded report templates that auto-populate specific data from the study. Interpretation options range from included dictation/transcription workflow, optional embedded cloud VR, or integration to your existing voice recognition solution.

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