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With interWORKS, you can easily manage your complete radiology workflow from scheduling, to reading and reporting, to billing interface workflows. A consistent, intuitive interface gives you a familiar layout and tools from any location on or off site. This makes it easy to use and easy to train new employees as your business expands.

A universal worklist means increased efficiency and reduced turnaround times. Because we offer a WAN optimized, web-based solution, radiologists and all personnel can access images quickly from any location for maximum portability. And since our solution is easily scalable, we can grow with you. We support sub-specialty reading workflows, so you can make sure the right person is assigned to a study. Relevant prior comparisons add value to your patient care and give you a competitive edge.

Referring physicians and patients have access to a web portal for reviewing images and final reports, so you can immediately share information in a secure and cost-effective way.

How can you improve your processes for tomorrow if you don't know how you're doing today?

We know that data tracking is important for your business to maximize throughput and efficiency. That's why we include detailed, configurable, statistical reports. But we don't leave you to design all of your reports from scratch. Instead, after careful analysis of the reports our customers most often prefer to see, we created an extensive library of management and system reports for you to choose from.

We also provide comprehensive audit logs so you can easily evaluate the health of your system and locate specific events you may need to review or investigate.

Does your billing system stand in the way of quickly closing the reimbursement loop?

You need a solution that provides flexible billing options. You can configure our solution to interface with your existing billing system so patient data can easily be shared between the two. Or, you can export billing information daily to an outside billing company for processing. Either way, we simplify the billing process and you are reimbursed quickly for your work.

Once you know a patient's results, how can you provide the best care for the future?

Your patient workflow is more than just a process; you're providing care for people who trust you. We take that very seriously. And that's why we provide maximum integration to other complimentary systems including EHR, mammography tracking, VNA, and other best-of-breed healthcare software. We understand that you administer care over the patient's lifetime, so mammography tracking and outcome monitoring are important tools you need to anticipate and prevent issues down the line.

Are you looking for the best service at the best price?

Of course you are. That's why we offer cost-effective licensing. Our low up-front cost and monthly subscription fee (based on study volume) combined with minimal system maintenance and easy updates makes us an affordable and practical solution. If you ever do need help, our award-winning customer service representatives will be there to assist you at any time.

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