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How will your Hospital System forge a path to connect radiology?

Has consolidation left your healthcare organization with a patchwork of systems separating pockets of information? Since you inherited these systems, most are not up to the task of connecting your complete radiology workflow.

It's time to simplify your approach with a system that addresses your entire enterprise.

Whether patients receive radiology exams from your hospital or your ambulatory imaging locations, interWORKS can strategically manage imaging workflow from all your locations through one system.

Let technology do the heavy lifting

Technology is supposed to make your life easier, but how often is that really true? It's time to stop throwing valuable time and money at systems that can't solve your problems.

The simplicity of thoughtful integration is the key to success.

interWORKS robust integration ingests radiology orders from the originating system, manages the changes, then provides updates back to the originating system. This simple concept pays dividends in workflow management.

Get people working in the right systems

How many separate Systems does each professional need to do their job?

If the answer is higher than one, it's time to simplify your approach.

By implementing thoughtful integration and information sharing, radiology information is available where needed without the need to access a second (or third) system. Ordering physicians get direct access to reports and hyperlink access to images via their EHR. Technologists receive worklist notification of the patients available for their exams right from interWORKS.

Share information securely

Throughout your workflow, your organization adds content to a patient's master folder. First, the order, followed by study images, related data, and finally the report.

What is the point of building a repository of radiology information if no one can access it?

With simple web-based access for all healthcare professionals, as well as portals tailored specifically to referring physicians and patients, you can always access the information you need quickly and securely.

Learn how others are succeeding

Hospitals that acquire ambulatory imaging centers and physicians practices with in-office imaging are finding their current radiology software solutions may not have the ability to manage workflow and image access outside the hospital enterprise. The problem is compounded by the variety of software and workflow processes often found in the acquisitions. This makes enterprise-wide integration a challenge for managers and departments.

Faced with this challenge, many are implementing a WAN optimized RIS/PACS solution to provide access to patient images and data across the enterprise.

Learn how Roper St. Francis Healthcare addressed these challenges.

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