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Avreo Capacifi DICOM Virtualizes DICOM Infrastructure

Avreo, Inc., developer of healthcare workflow solutions, announced today the release of Avreo Capacifi DICOM Appliance. This innovative hybrid storage platform virtualizes your DICOM devices to the cloud, offering self-expanding storage and fast image retrieval, which minimizes the need for expensive, forever expanding onsite storage. In addition, this storage technology encrypts data in transport and at rest, and provides storage options to manage expenses based on expected data access and usage. Avreo Capacifi DICOM appliance is available as a stand-alone product to support and augment your existing healthcare storage needs via a Hybrid IT design. It can also be combined with Avreo Capacifi HA to fully virtualize your organization’s infrastructure, while providing High Availability to critical healthcare systems by leveraging the Internet of Medical Things and Cloud technology.


Avreo AutoMate Authorizations Management Reduces Authorizations Processing Time by 48% and Increases Scheduling and Revenue Cycle Throughput

Avreo, Inc., developer of healthcare workflow solutions, announced today the release of Avreo AutoMate Cloud Authorizations Management. With this technology, providers can automate the processing of eligibility and authorizations, drastically reducing the time and effort required to obtain necessary approvals. In addition, AutoMate scripts the financial conversation identifying the patient’s payment responsibility according to individual healthcare business rules, documents payment agreements, and manages the collections cycle by handling patient agreements via integration with credit card merchants. AutoMate is available as a stand-alone solution in the cloud or can be directly added to interWORKS RIS/PACS as an optional module providing complete authorizations processing within a single application.


Avreo Capacifi HA Virtualizes and Hyperconverges Resources and Infrastructure Providing High Availability to Critical Healthcare Systems via IoMT Appliance and Cloud Technology

Avreo, Inc., developer of healthcare workflow solutions, announced today the release of Avreo Capacifi HA. With this technology, healthcare organizations can leverage the power of the Internet of Medical Things and the Cloud to ensure high availability of their valuable healthcare systems and data without maintaining a vast on-site infrastructure. With real-time replication, ransomware protection, push button failover, and local and cloud restoration, Avreo Capacifi HA offers healthcare organizations of all types with an added level of data protection, security, and availability in an easily deployed package. Avreo Capacifi HA is available as a stand-alone solution to support existing critical healthcare systems or can be directly added to Avreo’s interWORKS RIS/PACS, providing an additional level of availability to this streamlined single database, single application solution.


Next Generation Voice Recognition Embedded in Avreo interWORKS RIS/PACS Empowers Radiologists to ‘Work Anywhere’

Avreo, Inc., developer of radiology workflow solutions, announced today the release of Avreo Cloud VR, powered by Nuance, as an optional component of its interWORKS RIS/PACS version 7.9 release. With this technology, radiologists can quickly and reliably create interpretations using cloud-based speech technology from any location where they use interWORKS, such as a clinical, hospital, or home office.


Lawrence County Memorial Hospital Avoids Costly Infrastructure Replacement with Avreo interWORKS RIS/PACS Solution

When their legacy RIS/PACS vendor indicated they would need to switch platforms in order to retain their system, Lawrence County Memorial Hospital (LCMH) in Lawrenceville, Illinois, began searching for a more cost-efficient solution.


Clinch Memorial Hospital Modernizes Workflow with Avreo interWORKS

When they began experiencing significant interface issues and were told by their existing PACS vendor their system would no longer be supported, Clinch Memorial Hospital (CMH) determined that they needed a better structured solution to support their radiology workflow. Clinch Memorial Hospital selected Avreo interWORKS due to its interface capabilities and its 2014 EHR certification that carries modern meaningful use standards through to the hospital's radiology department. Avreo's experienced team ensured the implementation process completed successfully and on target.


Methodist Rehabilitation Center increases Report Turnaround Time with Avreo interWORKS

Methodist Rehabilitation Center (MRC) located in Jackson, MS was not only looking for a PACS solution that would make their transformation from film-screen to digital effortless and efficient, but also for a user-friendly, web-based system for easy access to images and reports. Avreo’s WAN optimized, web-based connectivity within interWORKS ensured that MRC’s radiologists and other healthcare professionals were able to access images and reports regardless of location. In addition, MRC found the interWORKS Mobile App to be extremely helpful for ordering physicians and noticed a significant increase in overall report turnaround time as interWORKS seamlessly distributes finalized reports to MRC’s existing EHR system.


West Feliciana Parish Hospital implements Avreo interWORKS EHR for Radiology

As a Critical Access Hospital looking to replace their existing RIS/PACS, West Feliciana Parish Hospital (WFPH) required an efficient solution that provides enterprise-wide access to imaging and patient content while supporting the capability to deal with modern standards required by meaningful use. They found that most RIS/PACS vendors did not support EHR standards and had not achieved inpatient EHR Certification. However, as a true EHR for Radiology, Avreo interWORKS not only provided the workflow and ease of use, but also achieved complete EHR Certification by meeting the new medical standards associated with Meaningful Use. Not only did WFPH find exactly what they were looking for in a RIS/PACS solution, but they were also impressed with Avreo’s true web-based solution, granting them access to patient information anywhere without Java, Active X, or third party utilities.


Ringgold County Hospital Improves Workflow with Avreo interWORKS

When Ringgold County Hospital first began looking to update their existing PACS system, they sought a solution that would fit the needs of all radiology personnel while creating and maintaining a balanced workflow. The Avreo interWORKS Solution was designed to effectively and efficiently manage each individual's workflow to help healthcare professionals be the most productive version of themselves. Ringgold was also impressed with Avreo’s sophisticated Referring Physician portal, which displays referential study images alongside the patient’s reports. These attributes, along with interWORKS user-friendly navigation allowed Ringgold County Hospital to feel confident in their decision to choose Avreo interWORKS as their Radiology Workflow Solution.


Avreo interWORKS Achieves ONC HIT 2014 Edition Complete EHR Certification From ICSA Labs

Avreo’s interWORKS version 7 has achieved ONC HIT 2014 Edition complete EHR certification, which designates that the software is capable of supporting eligible providers and eligible hospitals with meeting the Stage 1 and Stage 2 Meaningful Use measures required to qualify for funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). interWORKS version 7 was certified on September 25, 2014 by ICSA Labs, an Office of the National Coordinator-Authorized Certification Body (ONC-ACB) and is compliant in accordance with applicable criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS).


Roper St. Francis implements Avreo interWORKS Solutions for its Physician Partners

Avreo is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Roper St. Francis to provide services in 18 clinics across 36 locations throughout the Charleston, SC area. Roper St. Francis will use the Avreo interWORKS Solution to manage the PACS component for Roper St. Francis Physician Partners, a comprehensive network of more than 200 physicians that covers a range of primary care and 20 subspecialties. The Avreo interWORKS Solution will be seamlessly integrated into Roper St. Francis’ eClinicalWorks electronic health record. Avreo also will be providing integration with TeraMedica’s Vendor Neutral Archive to store images and documents.


Radiology and Imaging Specialists increases workflow efficiency by implementing Avreo interWORKS

Radiology and Imaging Specialists announced they have chosen the Avreo interWORKS PACS Solution to manage their virtual reading capabilities for 7 hospitals and the PACS workflow for 11 radiologist owned imaging centers. Avreo interWORKS supports the needs of the local reading environment while supporting the growth of virtual reading services. Avreo interWORKS will also maintain a seamless integration with our private label PACS Harmony Optimizer to manage and balance the workload for the radiologists based on user based metrics.


Avreo Named KLAS Category Leader in Both PACS (Community) and Radiology (Community) Segments

Avreo proudly announced today that KLAS, an independently owned and operated healthcare technology research organization, has named Avreo Category Leader in both PACS (Community) and Radiology (Community) Categories in the “Best in KLAS 2013: Software & Services” report. Avreo earned a top score of 90.4 out of 100 in the PACS (Community) category and a top score of 89.0 out of 100 in the Radiology (Community) category. Avreo also ranked in the top ten for both PACS (Ambulatory) and Radiology (Ambulatory) Categories.


Coryell Memorial Healthcare System Implements Avreo interWORKS

Coryell Memorial Healthcare System is a community owned Critical Access Hospital whose mission is to provide the most proficient service possible to their patients while maintaining an efficient radiology workflow. As a Critical Access Hospital selecting a new PACS vendor, Coryell needed a solution that would not only support their Meaningful Use initiative, but also effortlessly integrate with their existing Healthland HIS and migrate data fluently from their existing PACS system. It was specifically important to Coryell that the PACS they selected have obtained certification as a Complete EHR, but also that it was user friendly and provided the ability to receive reimbursements. Coryell chose the interWORKS Solution as Avreo is not only because its interWORKS Meaningful Use Module for Inpatient achieved EHR Certification , but also has prior experience interfacing with the Healthland HIS as well as migrating data from PACS vendors.