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How can we assist you with Conformance Statements?

DICOM Conformance

Avreo solutions communicate with other imaging systems via DICOM. If you have any questions about integrating with an Avreo solution, please contact Avreo Support.

Download DICOM Conformance Statement (PDF)


Avreo is committed to helping our customers comply with the HIPAA Regulations. All Avreo software has security safeguards to protect the privacy, confidentiality, and integrity of the electronic protected health information it receives. In addition, Avreo requires its employees to maintain the confidentiality of all patient files and related information.

Quality Policy

We at Avreo, Inc. are committed to Quality. Our commitment requires our dedication to and involvement in Continuous Improvement.

It is our policy to develop, produce, and deliver products and solutions that consistently satisfy our customers. We will continually strive for right-the-first-time performance.

Profitable business performance and excellent quality performance are complementary and consistent objectives.

FDA Compliance

Substantial Equivalence has been determined by the FDA and accordingly, Avreo is cleared for marketing in the USA. FDA 510(k):

View the Clearance (K141556)

Avreo, Inc. maintains an ISO13485 compliant quality management system.